Give Me Time to Work Out Your Vision

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: June 2, 2024

Chuck Pierce – Now we lost many trees with all the wind that came. Much damage. I prayed, we circled the entire portion of the damage that occurred north of us. I mean, lots of change going on between atmosphere and Earth. Show that tree that fell. That was one of those huge trees out front. When James is singing this, this is what he’s singing. There are going to be things that were in the way that in a moment, God’s gonna clear out of the way. Now notice this team here. Pam’s team out there doing this, and notice how all of a sudden, what was low or high becomes clear. That’s what this song is about. God is clearing out the path. He is removing the debris. He’s taking out where we couldn’t go in last season. And I’m telling you, it’s happening in this nation. Traveling again all over this nation, surrounding the nation. God is clearing out things that have never been cleared out before. It’s a process. It’s a process. Get ready. You are in the process. Put your hand on somebody. Decree things are being cleared out on your behalf. Look at that. A whole new vision. God says, Give me time to work out your vision for the future. Give me time. Young people, this is a word for you. Give me time to work out your vision for the future. There will be things that get removed, but I will create a path in the removal. I will show you what you couldn’t see clearly. I think about Rosemary who is interpreting, sitting from that window looking at that tree for three years. Now she can look at the harvest field in that apartment complex. The Lord says, I am clearing out new path for you.

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