Go Back and See His Goodness

Voices: Amber Pierce, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 9, 2021

Amber Pierce – A few nights ago, I went out with my best friends. We’re just going to have a early dinner. And I realized one of my friends needed ministry. And she was really down and she said, “But you don’t understand ’cause just God just does all this stuff for you.” And she said, “He’s never done anything for me.” And I said, “Well, I don’t really look at life that way.” I said, “You know, back when I didn’t have a mother, you didn’t realize that I was seeing that God had provided someone for me. So, it might not have been conventional, but He gave me everything I needed.” And I said, “Do you think you can think back on, ask God what He was doing in your life when you lost your mother?” Because her mother had died when she was 15. I said, “Do you think you can think back on the people that God put in your life, that He provided.”

And it just got me thinking of all the things throughout grief and pain and how He’s providing. And sometimes we don’t see it. He’s working when we don’t see it. He’s working when we’ve experienced loss, we’ve experienced death, we’ve experienced extreme pain, rejection, He’s working. And so, I just made a post about it yesterday. I wrote, go back and look at every place where you thought God had failed you. And He really didn’t. He pulled you through, He was faithful. And I just want to remind you, all of you, we’ve all had hard things happen to us but there’s not one of us that He hasn’t been faithful to. Every single one of you on the web, you have a testimony. You have places where you’ve experienced loss, grief, painful things, where God was working on your behalf. He was moving on your behalf, so you need to go back to those places. Ask God to show you what He was doing so that you can share your testimony so that you can build faith, so you’ll have joy in your testimony.

Chuck Pierce – Sometimes we forget that He was there. He was there. You might not could have recognized it because of what you were going through, but He was there. He was there when the stone was rolled away, just as LeAnn was singing. He was there, He knows you. But as Amber said, there has to be a moment where you say, “Lord, I wanna know You. I wanna give it all to You, I wanna ask You to work it out.” Just say it out loud, “Work it out, Lord.”

See, don’t make your life so complicated that you don’t think God can work it out. He can work it out for you. Father, we thank You for this testimony. Some of you, it’s hard to go back to a place sometimes and really see how He was working it out. He was working it out then, He’s working it out now on your behalf.

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