Go Past Your Stronghold and Break Loose Your Blessing

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 13, 2018

  • Anne Tate

Last Monday morning, I had another dream. And it was that house. I was in that house. And the people that were with me, we looked out. And suddenly, we saw right next to where we were, this huge house that was more than three stories. And it was yellow. It was full of light. And I said, “Let’s go outside and see if we can see that house.” And we went outside, and the realtor was there. And they were going to show it to somebody. I knew it was our new house. And I said, “Let me, can we tag along, and go and see it?” And they said, “Yes.” And so we went out and began the journey from the place where our greatest stronghold had been into the place where our greatest revelation, our state, the new era, the new place that we are getting ready to occupy.

  • Chuck Pierce

Now, be sure to write this sentence down. The stronghold that has kept you out of your new place, is built right next to the gift that will cause you to prosper. I say, “You will overcome this stronghold, and purchase that which I have purchased for you,” saith the Lord. “For My plan of redemption is being held back from your stronghold.” I say, “Go past your stronghold for the gift and the redemptive plan that I have you, for you, is much greater than the stronghold that is causing you captive. Break loose! Break loose! Break loose! And that which I purchase for you will be yours,” saith the Lord.

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