Go Up Again Into New Encounters

Voices: Venner Alston
Date Given: April 8, 2023

Venner Alston – I heard the Lord say this for you. He said, “Tell Chad I said go up again.” He said, “Go up again.” What the enemy has tried to do is bring you into a place of silent discouragement. But the Lord said, “Go up again.” Step off of there, you step on here. The Lord said, “Go up again.” I see like a whirlwind around you. And the Lord said, “I’ve got you caught up in like a whirlwind.” And you thought that some of this was the enemy, but the Lord said, “It’s Me blowing and it’s Me breathing.” He said, “For I have need of you, oh, son of mine.” He said, “My purposes are on the inside of you and I have not changed My mind about you. I have not changed My mind about your family. I have not changed My mind about your children.” I decree a season of encounters in your life. Beginning this Passover, dream encounters, and vision encounters, one after another. A season like you’ve never experienced. I speak this over you in the name of Jesus.

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