Goodness and Mercy Are Following You

Voices: Robyn Vincent
Date Given: May 30, 2021

Robyn Vincent – All morning long, I’ve been seeing the angels following us. I’ve been seeing them, and the Lord says, “Goodness and mercy is following you.” And He said, “There’s a confidence that comes upon you when you know that goodness and mercy are following you.” He said, “Even when Lisa begins to talk about how we’re gonna have new strategies,” He said, “It’s a new level of faith. That’s your new strategy. There’s a new confidence that’s coming on God’s people.” He said, “Because they understand.” Come on, come, come, come. They understand when goodness and mercy is following them. They understand that I don’t need to look at my bank account because goodness and mercy is following me. It doesn’t matter what giants are in the land when goodness and mercy is following me.

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