Governor Positions Will Bear My Name

Voices: Tobias Lyons
Date Given: April 8, 2023

Tobias Lyons – I keep hearing the Lord say this. He says, “You’ve seen government structures play the blame game.” But He said, “This is the season for My kingdom, and I’m getting ready to play the name game.” He says, “I am uprooting some government structures and some government positions, specifically governors.” And the Lord says that, “I am setting My name in the seat of the governors this season.” He says, “And I am resetting the game.” So where you’ve tried to put a square peg in a round hole, the Lord says learn how to take the new instruments of warfare this season. The round pegs in the round holes. He says, “Quit trying to beat the round squares into the square holes.” The Lord says, “Know that I am resetting the government structures and I am putting My name and My positions in place.”

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