Grace is Being Restored Over the Next 49 Days

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 9, 2020

Chuck Pierce – The Lord says 49 days from today, each day you decree victory, victory, victory 49 days until new strength comes. You decree victory, strengthen what remains And the Lord says to you, even in this nation return and realign my covenant of this land. With Abraham’s covenant, stay aligned with Israel Hell has tried to get the leadership of these nations disconnected and unaligned. Now is the time to realign covenant to move in a new way. Now is the time for a new alignment through the first nations of our land and decree how we even botch the covenant to align with the first people he put here, and any time we botched it through, and not aligned properly with Israel, we say forgive us, Lord Lord, we want a full new alignment of covenant. We are ready to cross over, we are ready for breakthrough We decree right now that breakthrough now is coming.

I want to encourage you. Go to your door, whatever door you’re watching from. On the inside, put your hand and when you put your hand on that door, you say I say to every evil force that would come against my house, my family, I say you are stopped in Jesus’ name. With your hand there, say the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ now covers, I set a bloodline around that door. I decree my home coming back into covenant in a new way. I decree what God is doing a return to the first love that he brought into this land I decree right now that death has to start retreating in Jesus’ name.

Shout it right now. Shout it the next 49 days. Death retreat in the name of Jesus and by his blood, it is done. That there is a people rising up to cross over, to cross over, to move forward. Lord, we say this land is now being redug and covenant that has been held up is rising up in the seeds of covenant Decree in your bloodline right now a realignment of the covenant of the Lord in that bloodline. Seeds of covenant that’s been held back, decree they’re beginning to come alive in a new way. Lord, we decree it right now. We decree it wherever you are, whatever nation, the remnant. Decree the remnant of that land rise up. Decree the voice of God come alive. Lord, we decree it. We decree it all the way from the south to the north, from the east to the west.

And the Lord says the next 49 days, I will restore grace where it will be an incredible move of forgiveness that comes throughout the Earth, throughout my covenant, people. Throughout this land. I say to you, get ready. Grace, now, is being poured out throughout the land. Decree that the grace of that My Son distributed as I release him into the Earth, will now manifest. I say to you, you have started passing over and you will continue ’til you are eating of the milk and honey of your land. Give a shout right now.

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