He Is Squeezing Out the Keys

Voices: Tiffany Smith
Date Given: August 29, 2021

Tiffany Smith – I’ve been having a picture for the last few weeks of my bones being filled with keys and there has been a crusher that’s been squeezing my bones and I’ve felt it, I’ve felt it with the things that I’ve been processing over the last few weeks and the Lord has been saying, “There are some things that will only come out through pressure, Tiffany. There are some things that will only come out through the squeezing, through the twisting, through the turning that I’m taking you through.” And the Lord is getting ready to release keys that are needed for this time, for this time. And so Lord, I thank you that you’re taking us through a process where You are beginning to just squeeze, You’re beginning to squeeze. You’re beginning to cause us to move and become flexible in places that we’ve never been flexible before and You are releasing keys for this hour.

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