Healing and Wholeness Is Your Future

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: March 10, 2024

Chuck Pierce – About two weeks ago, we had a prayer time for Robert, who has been going through some physical challenges. Just come up here with him, you guys. Stay up here with him, stay with him up here. And let’s thank God for his Thursday night teachings. Listen, we know you’re just going through an awful time, but you’re filled with revelation, we love it. But as we were praying with him, I had a vision. And in that vision, I said, I see a black pot and it’s got a hole in it, and it’s some way related to what’s going on inside of you, that some way or another, the enemy’s tried to knock a hole in your wholeness. And I said, I’m not sure what it is. And we prayed. I mean, Amman had an awesome word, and Simon and Linda and Janice, I mean, it was just amazing how the spirit of God came in there. And at the end, Linda said, I know exactly what it is. It’s a gift we had given someone, and which, that someone brought great joy in their life and great sorrow and grief in their life. Look at somebody and say, I have people like that. And they said, when she left our house, she left one object, a pot we had given her, a teapot we had given her for her birthday, I think it was. And it had a hole in it. And she left it. And I said, then you gonna bring me that pot, because God has ways of fixing holes in us.

– [Congregation] Amen!

– Tell somebody. He knows your holes. He knows how to plug them up. He knows how you can hold water for the future. And he knows how you can become a drink offering for the future. And I went to Mindy, and notice all this gold inlay, and we circled that area, and replaced the piece where the hole was. The Lord says to you guys, you are coming into a place of wholeness you’ve never been before. And what you pour out in the future will be greater than what you’ve poured out in the past. The Lord says, don’t worry if you can’t stand and do it, because you will stand in my spirit, and what you say will cause many to drink from, and they will stand. You will still be used to raise up an army for the future.

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