Healing Waters Are Stirring in New York

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: August 27, 2023

Keith Pierce – The Lord said there’s many things that have happened in New York that many people have accepted as for me. But I am depositing in you a new truth that when you open your mouth, the streets of New York will shift. When you open your mouth, the trees will begin to wave. When you open your mouth, the birds will begin to sing. I am shifting New York as well as New York City because of your faithfulness this day. So I baptize Jonathan and Nicole in the name of the Father, your only begotten son the Lord Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.

Chuck Pierce – Wow, father and the Lord would say, I say to you I will stir the waters around New York and those that are willing to change this hour will change for the waters are starting to stir, and I’m bringing angelic help to the streets. I say this is the beginning of the streets changing because the water will stir and healing will invade the streets from the water.

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