Hear the Sound of Redemption in the Air

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Joe Burkett
Date Given: January 15, 2023

Joe Burkett – This morning as I was listening to the music and the prophecies, I heard the Spirit of the Grace say, “There is redemption in the air. Hear the sound of redemption in the air. I have redeemed you from, I have you redeemed you into. I am putting in your heart this hour,” says as the Spirit of Grace, “to ask of Me. I’m placing in your heart to ask of Me in this hour for I’ve redeemed you for a purpose. I’ve redeemed you for a highness to walk in My kingly and priestly anointing in this hour. Cry out to Me for this hour, for there are things that you must understand. There are things that I’m giving you in this hour, revelation coming, revelation coming to walk in that redemption that I bought for you. Hallelujah.”

Chuck Pierce – All morning long, the Lord’s been telling us, “Think beyond. Let Me go beyond. Let Me take you and do something that you’re not expecting Me to do. Move forward.”

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