He’s Enabling the Unlocking of Future

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Janice Swinney, John Dickson
Date Given: April 30, 2020

Chuck Pierce – When they went to Caesarea Philippi and all a sudden in that dark place where the god of Pan, the god of pandemic, was worshiped there at that dark place, Peter breaks through in through this same portal, and he sees, he sees who has been leading him the past three years. He says, “You’re the Messiah, the Mashiach, “this is who You are.” Doesn’t matter who people are saying You are. Really don’t matter who we say You are. This is who You are, You are the I Am. And he said, “Only Father could have revealed “that to you. “Only father could have revealed that to you. “And upon that revelation, “I will build the church of my future, “and I will give you keys to unlock the heaven.” We come tonight in this breaking, this morning, in this breaking of the new day watch. This watch that takes us across, we say, we are receiving keys to unlock the entryway into this new season. Things will shift, and shift, and shift, and continue to shift. Father, we thank You for this unlocking power You’ve given us.

John Dickson – I have keys here. This is a set of keys to a fleet of Model T Ford one ton trucks that belonged to my grandfather 100 years ago. The 1920s, the Roaring 20s, he had a electrical contracting business and he had a fleet of trucks. He sent out contractors to do work. He had buildings. He had an electrical appliance store downtown. He had properties, he had all of those. And he lost them all in the Depression, lost everything in the Depression. But somehow or another, God kept these keys for 100 years, and they have remained in our family and are now in my hands. I have the keys to a fleet of one ton trucks, Model T trucks. Lord, I say, “Though everything is lost, “you still kept the keys for me, “you kept the keys.” So I begin to call it in. I’m calling it in. I have the keys and I’m calling it in. I’m calling it in. I’m calling it in. I’m calling it all back. Everything can be lost, but God will still hold the key. Key. The key.

Chuck Pierce – Whoa. Now Father, we thank You that things that didn’t get unlocked, and even got held up. Lord, we say, “In John’s bloodline they will be unlocked.” They’ll be unlocked in our bloodline. Father, this is a moment to say, “You watch what I can bring to you now, “that enables you to unlock your future.” Lord, we loose this right now, in Yeshua’s name.

Janice Swinney – What I heard when John said, “Roaring 20s,” I heard this roar come out of heaven and the Lord says, “This 20, this 2020 decade, “will be a roar from My throne room, “coming through My people “that will make every other roar “silent and non-important.” The Lord said, “Let that roar, that’s within you, “that kingdom authority, that kingdom dimension “come forth out of your mouth.”

Chuck Pierce – The roar of joy, let it go. The roar of joy, the roar of joy. The divine recovery, the roar of joy.

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