His Spirit is Burning & Setting a New Order

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler
Date Given: February 16, 2020

  • Chuck Pierce

I feel also, right here, in my left kidney. There’s a fear pocket in some of you to let go. Put your hand on your left kidney. That’s where fear, the spirit, the spirit of fear will rest in your kidneys. When you study the Word you find that. Let the fire of God go in to any hidden place, in your kidney. Father, we say right now, there’s a burning forth, a burning forth, of spiritual wickedness that’s trying to taunt us. Right now, tell taunting spirits to leave you. Tell spirits that are speaking and taunting you and telling you failure, telling you that you’ll be stopped. Telling you that you’ll never overcome. Threatening you. We say right now those spirits are burning out in Jesus name.

  • Linda Heidler

The reason that Holy Spirit came on the day of Pentecost was for the harvest. That was the reason He fell, because there was a new order that had to come into the church in order for harvest to come in. It wasn’t just an empowering, it was a whole new order that He was bringing in. And God has put a fire in me for the harvest. And the more that fire burns, the more I know I have to have more of Holy Spirit. I’ve got to have more than just this fire. I’ve got to have more of His strategy, more of His empowering, more of His vision, more of His love. I’ve got to have a new fire of Holy Spirit if we’re going to see this harvest come in that we prayed for. Harvest has never looked like what we expected. Ever, ever. The New Testament Church did not expect it was going to be a harvest of gentiles. That was the farthest thing from their mind. We never expected in Wales, it would be a harvest of coal miners. We never expected a harvest of hippies. We never expected the harvest. Holy Spirit, come. Holy Spirit, come. Fill us with your fire for the harvest. Let us let go of every preconceived notion. Let us let go of every preconceived vision. God, pour Your heart into us, so that we burn for these that You burn for, for the lost that You want to see brought in. Holy Spirit, come again like on Pentecost. Fill us with your fire.

  • Chuck Pierce

Now put your hand on whichever side of your brain that is resisting. Left side is order, and what can happen to us is, we can get so ingrained in an old order that we can’t shift into a new order. Decree right now anything resisting. You establishing a new order in your life, that it will start burning loose. Usually it’s right in the center of your brain, it’s where trauma rests. Put your hand right in the center. Tell it to let go, let go, that you’re changing. You’re changing, you’re changing. Now, put your hand on your right side and say create. Create, create. In other words, let something new come in, that all of a sudden you wouldn’t think. Let it come in. You wouldn’t think that you would have done that. Lord, we thank You right now. An activation is coming on us as we enter this week of deliverance. This era of deliverance.

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