I Am Answering the Deep Call of Harvest

Voices: Linda Heidler
Date Given: January 30, 2022

Linda Heidler – The Lord says, “The harvest time “is a season of deep calling unto deep.” And He says, “I’ve heard the deep cries “of those who are calling out for something more, “who are calling out in their desperation, “who are calling out knowing that their lives are not right “and not knowing where to go.” He said, “I’ve heard that deep call from them. “And My deep call is answering. “And My deep call is saying to the harvest workers, “‘I’m sending you, I’m sending you, “I’m sending you, I’m sending you.’ “So tune your ear to hear My call. “Tune your ear to hear the deep things of My heart. “And then you will hear those deep cries “of those that are calling.” Just like when Israel was in Egypt, the Lord said, “I’ve heard the cry of My people “and I am coming to deliver them.” The Lord said, “There will be that cry, “a deep onto deep that you’ll hear and you’ll move “into the harvest that I showed you.”

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