I Am Beginning a New Dance to Reset the Rule of Holiness

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: August 16, 2020

Chuck Pierce – The Lord spoke something really interesting to me yesterday. He said, “When you dance with me, you don’t have time for contention, confusion, dullness.” “You don’t have time to be in a place that you shouldn’t be. You don’t have time not to be romantic.” So the Lord says, “I am telling my people I am ready for them to dance with me. Because I am beginning a new dance.”

Chuck Pierce – See, I want you to see what religion does. I remember growing up, no dancing in church. You know, you would just, it was like, and I would just say, “Well, why can we go over to the night clubs and dance, and we can’t dance before the Lord in Church?” You have got to make a shift. I remember telling the deacons that of the church my grandmother went to. Listen, it is all the same. It is holy when we dance with the Lord, and before the Lord. And the Lord says, “I’m gonna show you aspects of my holiness that you have never even thought about, or understood what I’m about. You have set the rule of holiness. I’m about to reset it,” sayeth the Lord.

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