I Am Breaking Postponement So That You Can Enter In

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: April 10, 2022

Chuck Pierce – Father I decree over us right now. We are crossing over this season and we ain’t gonna be too proud to cross over, and we gonna get what we need and keep moving and break in, be restored and prosper. Tell somebody, I am entering in with him today.

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord will say to you even now, “I am breaking postponement this week.” says the spirit of the Lord. The Lord says, “Ask Me big this week for you have given big in this past season.” “Now is payback” says the Lord. “I am cycling back, those things you have given in the past, starting today, ask Me big. Do not think it’s small to ask for millions and billions in assets,” says the Lord. “I am recovering these things for you this week. Get your faith up and rise to the occasion. I am cycling back this week.” says the Lord.

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