I Am Changing The Course Of My People Over The Next 3-6 Months

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 10, 2020

Chuck Pierce – See, most of us don’t understand that religious forces and tradition together in the church is an occult force. It has to be pulled off of you. It’s hiding a glory through just, uh, actions and through just doing religious activity. And the Lord says, “I’m pulling it off. I’m pulling that occult force out of my people.” And the Lord says, “I will have a supernatural people, but let me prophesy to you.” The Lord says, “The next three to six months, you’re going to learn the supernatural. You’re gonna learn a new dimension. Don’t think you know what you think you know. For I’m going to teach you supernatural dimensions you don’t know. Quit being afraid to investigate and learn what I need to show you. Quit being afraid of darkness. I’m the God of darkness just like I’m the God of light. I rule darkness and the only reason it comes in your path is for you to bring light into it. I say to you, ‘I’m changing the course of my people.'”

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