I Am Coming as a Jealous God

Voices: Robyn Vincent
Date Given: January 3, 2021

Robyn Vincent – The Lord says, “My name is still jealous. “My name is still jealous.” He says, “And in this hour I will come as jealous God. “I will come as all-consuming fire, “for who is like the Lord?” Who is like the Lord. I tell you, “I am coming “to consume every thing in the earth. “I am coming, “there is not one thing that my fire will not touch “in this hour.” And the Lord says, to those who have cried out, and said, “Lord, I have never seen You and touched You “in a way that You have called and created me to touch You,” He says, “Oh daughter, oh son I am coming. “I am coming! “I am coming to put My fire within you. “I am coming to consume you.” Father, I thank you. This day we will know You as jealous.

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