I Am Creating a Coat of Many Colors in the Earth

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Michelle Hadley, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: September 24, 2022

Robyn Vincent – I hear the Lord say, “You thought you were coming in one way, as Jacob.” But the Lord says, “I have called you here “so that we can exchange identities.” He said, “This is the time that I am giving you “your true identity for you will be one “that rules with God. “You will no longer be seen as the worm.” God says, “This is a time that we have gathered “here today in this moment, at this altar, “so that transformation can hit your life “and you will never, never, never be the same.”

Michelle Hadley – And I also hear the Lord saying, when we first started singing this, I was thinking about, I saw the scene in the movie “Harriet,” when they begin to make the sound on the ship. And all you can hear was the rumbling of the feet of the people running to the sound. So God says, “When you develop your new identity, “and the sound begins to come up out of you, “the harvest is gonna run to the sound. “It’s gonna begin to run from the north, the south, “the east, and the west. “Every ethnos, every tribe, every tongue “is going to begin to run to that sound.”

Chuck Pierce – And I say, “I have a people “of many colors, for you are a manifold display “of who I am,” sayeth the Lord. “Don’t look at the color you think you are, “but display the color that I made you,” sayeth the Lord. I say, “I am creating a coat of many colors “in the Earth this year and from that coat, “a double portion will be known throughout the Earth.”

Keevy Phillips – For the Lord says, “The blood of this land “is boiling hot and I am stoking the fire,” sayeth the Lord. The Lord says, “I am boiling the blood “of this nation hot because I desire “for that lion to come alive in your blood.” The Lord says, “You have many things “inside of your blood and you have quenched them “because it’s not what you wear outwardly, “but I am drawing it from the inside out this hour,” says the Spirit of the Lord. The Lord says, “Get seated in My blood “and watch Me transfer this nation “and nations across the Earth “with other expressions,” sayeth the Lord. “Let the blood inside of you “burn hot,” says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – I say, “I see you as royal purple “that is trimmed in gold.” So I say, “Display yourself to those “that look at you so that they might see “how royal I am,'” sayeth the Lord.

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