I Am Creating a New Watchman Movement

Voices: Chenia Patu, Chuck Pierce, Keevy Phillips
Date Given: January 22, 2023

Chenia Patu – Singing in Tongues

Chuck Pierce – And I say, “I am coordinating the movements of My truth. I am bringing some in in My timing. I am sending some forth to go ahead of the sound of the troop to spy the land.” I say, “I am creating a watchman troop that know how to move at the breaking of the new day.” I say, “Ready yourself, for you must find your place in the movement ahead, for I am creating a new movement in the earth for you to enter into,” sayeth the Lord.

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord says, “Where you have seen enemies and you have been afraid to go into the land,” the Lord says, “I see a table in the midst of your enemies.” And the Lord says, “I have a tableland that you have not tasted of.” The Lord says, “Be not afraid of the enemies. See the table, see the spread of food I have for you,” says the Spirit of the Lord. “Don’t be afraid of the enemies. See the tableland, for I have many delicacies you have not eaten of,” and the Lord says, “Your ancestors have been afraid, but there is a troop arising that says, ‘I will not fear.’ I will rise, kill, and eat,” says Lord.

Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, “Your enemies, did I not say, is the food for your future?” I say, “They are your food.” I say, “Go sit in the midst of them and watch them hand over your next meal,” sayeth the Lord. I say to you, “This is a day that My people must be willing to eat what I am bringing down from heaven for them to eat. Watch the sheet come down, watch the sheet come down, and watch it bring down that which you’ve never tasted before.” And I say, “Remove your religion and eat what I bring you,” sayeth the Lord, “for I have sowers and I have gatherers and I am activating a troop to gather what has been sown.” So I say, “Ready yourself. Ready your hands. Allow Me to anoint them so you can grab hold of your future.”

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