I Am Creating New Cross Pollinated Clusters

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: April 9, 2020

Chuck Pierce – And the spirit of God speaking to me. I say to you this is not a hibernation that I have you in, but I say it’s a fermentation that I have you in. And I say I have pulled you aside. And I am allowing the best in you to begin to ferment. And I say because I will be crushing grapes, and pulling that anointing together. And I will be forming new clusters in days ahead. Don’t think you will be left alone. New clusters are coming, new taste are coming, and I’m rearranging even how the wine flows in my body. I say I had to shut it down to bring it back up. And I say to you, there will be a cross pollination in days ahead. I will begin to cross pollinate things.

And I say I will form a new fragrance that has not been smelt before. I say to you I am doing a thing and it is my thing. And the fragrance of life will overtake the smell of death. And I say to you don’t let death and the stinketh of it even get in your nostrils. For I will overtake it at my perfect time. I say to you get ready, for I will have a new drink offering poured out. Get ready, let me continue to form the new wine in the cluster and watch me cluster you together. And I say I will consolidate many that had been separated and created separations in the past. I will reconsolidate them and form a new foundation.

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