I Am Expanding the Call of Your Gifts

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Norma Urrabazo
Date Given: September 11, 2022

Norma Urrabazo – So I had this dream yesterday morning and I think it’s interesting that I had already woken up and then I fell back asleep, into a deep sleep. And in my dream, I was here, here in the service. I had just walked in and the service was getting ready to start and as I looked around, I saw that the seats were all set up, but the floor was made of dirt, somehow as if we were all like sitting outside. I was standing on the front row and I noticed that there was trash visible around the seats. So I started picking it up and there was a few small pieces of trash right under Chuck’s chair, so I walked over and I started clearing it. And then Chuck walked in, he saw me, then he looked around and noticed the trash and he says, “Now go have Penny and the team help with all this, but you clear the area around the front”. Then he goes up on the stage and almost immediately, Penny was there with a team of people and they all were helping and they had trash bags.

And also Pam was there. I noticed she had a cardboard box and had been pulling up weeds around in the same area because we were all on dirt. Then as I looked around the chairs, there were so many people that chairs had to be added and there was no room to walk. Like, there was chairs all around us. So Chuck walks down from the stage and he says, “You need to clear the space here. This has to be clear for people to walk through”. Then all of a sudden, a man in a uniform walked in and Chuck looks at me and he says, “I’ll go take care of that, you take care of this”.

Then it felt as if some time had passed and I was watching a news report on a television screen and it was like one of those news flashes. And the news reporter was saying, “A surprise shut down at Global Spheres Center turned for good when the service was stopped because of overcrowding. Chuck Pierce says, ‘Everyone come back later’. So they had a service later on and it was so full that it was standing room only”. Then on the news camera, I saw that they were showing this huge place full of people. And just as the camera, like, it went over the crowd, you could see how the Holy Spirit was there. People were being filled. Some were falling out under the power and some were falling on their knees. I was watching on this screen and I knew it was a new place, but elements of this place were still the same. The floor was finished, the platform was bigger, and I saw some of the same familiar people. I saw Elaine sitting on the front up here and the place was full of life and then I woke up. So I was asking the Lord, what is this all about? And the Lord told me, “In this season of divine recovery, you will overcome. Don’t concern yourself with minor distractions or any rubbish of the past”.

And I really feel like I represented a person that’s here, but also a person that’s watching on the web. And I feel like the word is for us now, but it’s also a word for us in what we’re stepping into into our future. “All of that from the past will be taken care of. Even now, I have already set a plan of action. So when you see opposition arise, remember I am there. I am your confidence, trust Me. I have already taken care of it. No weapon formed, forged, raised up, fashioned against you will prosper. No weapon will prosper against you. Stay the course, keep moving forward. I will cause such a turnaround that all those around you will know that it is Me. I will take those things that meant to harm you and turn them for your good, for the saving of many souls. I’m in the recovery, I will vindicate. I am your recompense, I am your inheritance and it will be greater, deeper, wider than you have ever seen and you will know that I have done this”, says the Lord. “You will recover, you will be restored, and you will receive the double portion and the Holy Spirit will come and fill you to a place of overflowing to where you will not be able to understand or comprehend the great expansion that is coming to you,” says the Lord.

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Now let’s stand up one more time. Let me prophesy out of that. The Lord said, “I’m taking new ground and I’m expanding your boundaries, so get ready. There will be new places and new assignments for you. I will know where to assign you in days ahead because I am expanding things and making room for your gift. Get ready, your gift will be called upon. It will be called up front at times. It will be called to go into the very crevices of where debris is, so get ready. I am expanding what needs to be expanded. And I say to you get ready because I’m gonna be bringing many in that will start seeking you out and you will just say, ‘We just gotta go worship’. You’re not gonna say anymore, ‘Let’s go to church’. You’re going to say, ‘Let’s go worship and let the land prosper’. I say to you, I am moving you beyond the thought of church, but I will seat you properly in the new place. So get ready, things are about to change on your behalf,” sayeth the Lord.

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