I Am Folding up Last Season’s Sheet and Sending Down a New One

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Robyn Vincent – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – And there was a sentence when Robyn was leading us in the Spirit and praying in the Spirit, and I heard this sentence from the Lord said, I am pulling the sheet off of your face and folding up the clothes of your last season. And I say, I’m placing them on the bench, where you have been and I am saying, come forth, come forth into that new that I have for you. Come forth and without you having last season’s clothes, reordered and removing the portion of vision that you needed to have removed, you could not come forth in the strength for your future.

Robyn Vincent – What I heard when Chuck was up here prophesying, I heard eat, eat, kill and go, it that what it says? Eat, yeah, kill, eat and rise, but I heard the Lord said kill and eat, that’s what I heard, kill and eat, and it was that moment that Peter was face-to-face with, where he was saying, I don’t even recognize this, I don’t normally do these things, I don’t normally gravitate toward that type of food, that’s not what I’m accustomed to. And I believe that the Lord is saying, especially because of what John has already brought forth, that there are some things that He’s gonna surprise us with, He’s gonna set it before us, He’s gonna set it before us and He is saying right now, that you must kill and eat!

You must be aware that I have sent it to you, and it is for you to take hold of for what you need to go in the strength that you need to go in, for this journey, it has everything to do with what God has called you to do! It has everything to do with where He’s sending you, it’s a sending wind, it’s a sending wind! And it has everything to do with what you’ve been called to do, so the Lord says I’m setting it before you, it’s not Chuck, it’s not the Mayor, it’s not the Governor, it’s not the President, I’m setting it before you! He said recognize when I’m setting something before you, kill and eat!

Chuck Pierce – Wow, now hear what she’s saying, hear the prophetic word, remember He said, I’m removing the sheet from your face, I’m folding it up, I’m putting it away, now He’s saying I’m bringing that sheet down, with things in it that you will surprise you, an unexpected windfall is coming down with things that you wouldn’t normally even step into. Things that you wouldn’t normally think of eating, things that you wouldn’t normally think of even looking at, I say to you, I am bringing a new sheet down that will set the course of where I’m going to send you to.

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