I Am Healing Infirmity in the Gut

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: January 23, 2022

Keith Pierce – Now I want y’all to extend your hands, one to another, all the way to Chuck, ’cause the Lord showed me something very, very clearly. The infirmity that you’ve walked through this last year and the sickness that you’ve carried on behalf of the family for years to come, there was a call on your life that I set you there, and even though snakes, and panthers, and thickets was set before you, you never lost sight of what was before you. And I saw something very, very clearly when you shared, and I want y’all to extend your hands right to his stomach. He said there was a curse on the Legrone family, that went deep and intertwined in their belly, but you warred with it, and you warred with it, and you warred with it. I am unraveling the snake of yesterday, and I am breaking the assignment, and I am releasing healing in a way that you’ve never experienced that even the people’s peoples and the doctors will stand amazed ’cause there will be no more evidence after today. Now, if you’ve walked something on behalf of your family, put your hand right here. I am breaking the infirmity of the gut and inner most part of the being that has held worship, captured in My house, and in My generations to come.

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