I Am Healing the Digestive Tract of My People

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Keith Pierce
Date Given: November 29, 2020

Keith Pierce – I’ve seen something this whole service. And the Lord said it’s for us individually, it’s for us corporately and it’s for the body of Christ. And He said I have come this day to adjust your intake and realign your outtake. And the Lord said even right now what you have chewed on, you have not chewed it up enough to get the value of my taste out of it. Therefore you have swallowed it and it has messed up your esophagus, your small intestines couldn’t absorb the minerals out of it, and your large intestines couldn’t waste. Today is the day I am realigning the digestive tract of my people. And He said right now there’s even someone here that your left side has ached in your lower colon. Today is the day I’m breaking that bondage of blockage out of you because what you digested was not of me. I want us to see something, I want everybody to stand as straight as an arrow. Chuck, do that again. I just saw something very very clearly. When Chuck did that there’s a level of healing of the breath of God that He wants you swallow to flush out the words of men that is deposit in the inner most part of your being, your belly right here. That has brought a parasite in that He’s fixing to flush out right now. I want everybody to do what Chuck just did. Release the breath of God, take in the breath of God, realign ’cause waste is being removed right now. Lift up and shout.

But if you have been diagnosed with cancer in your esophagus, in your small intestine, large intestine, or rectum I want you to step out in this aisle. Or if you’re, just step right out.

Chuck Pierce – If you’re on the web put your hand on the screen right there. We wanna ask the Lord for healing. Lord we say right now your healing power, it’s flowing.

Keith Pierce – And LeAnn, put your hand on Chuck. God is fixing to heal you in a way you’ve never been healed before. God said all of that congestion that you are carrying in your digestion, He said right now, He said I am breaking that infirmity, and releasing healing in your gut. And He said because today is the day, I am healing the gut. I am healing the gut. I am healing the gut. And He said you will see victory at noon day. Lift up and shout to the king.

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