I Am Raising Up Waves of Strength Within You

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Jonathan Dickson
Date Given: November 3, 2019

  • Chuck Pierce

Let me prophesy what I just saw. And the Lord would say to you, “I am going to rise up a depth within you. It will wave and wave and wave again. I say there are waves within you that I have never brought to shore. And I say get ready for many things will be coming to shore starting now, waves of my glory will rise up. And I say to you, you will walk in a new cadence and you’ll walk by a new sound. And I say not only will you walk, but you will walk straight in to that boxing match that you have ahead of you. And you will keep walking past it without even having to throw a punch. I say to you, I am raising up waves of strength within you and you will see strength come from you that has never come before.”

  • Jonathan Dickson

I heard the Lord saying, “This month you will walk through fire.” Just like Chuck was saying, that boxing ring and that match that is in front of you, instead of saying Lord save me, let me get a bypass around that, God is saying “you will walk through fire unscathed. And that perfect work that I have created in you will be tested, will be purified and you will shine brilliantly in a new way as you walk forward this year.”

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