I Am Ready to Sort Through Ethiopia

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: May 16, 2021

Chuck Pierce – Alemu Beeftu come forward. Stand right up here on this top ledge. This trip is so important in to Ethiopia. They are in crisis. They are in crisis. Amman go down there with your dad. They are in crisis. We are sending a man into a great crisis that is going on in this Earth, and we decree right now that as he goes in Holy Spirit is going to hover and Holy Spirit is going to start sorting through that crisis. The Lord says there’s going to be supernatural. The Lord says I loose My gift of revelation on you. I say you’re going to know exactly how to sort through what needs to be sort through. The president’s going to invite you in, the prime minister. The Lord says I am ready to sort through that nation because it’s important for latter days. The Lord says I’m going to move it from chaos beyond crisis and into a new order. Sayeth, the Lord we send you forth.

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