I Am Rearranging Heavenly Seats

Voices: Isaac Pitre
Date Given: March 3, 2024

Isaac Pitre – And I would say unto you that we have entered a season where the Lord says, “Not only are you seating, “and not only are you unseating,” but the Lord says, “I am re-seating. “There are seats and vacancies open “that I am looking for people to feel, “people that would not fulfill the assignment, “people who were too afraid to do it, “people who were too fearful to do it, “people who allowed the attacks of the enemy “to move them out of their place.” The Lord says, “I have entered into my divine time “where I am now rearranging seats, “and I’m finding those of you “that have been anointed over several, over several spheres, “over several, over several generations, “over several nations, “over several, over several neighborhoods. “I’m sitting you there and I will shift you “because of your faithfulness, from seat to seat “until my kingdom comes and my will is done.” Get ready America and nations of the world, for the Lord is rearranging seats over this nation. And if we decree and if we declare the people sitting there will be those appointed of the Lord. Oh my God, give God praise for that.

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