I Am Rebuilding on My Foundation Stone

Voices: Amman Beeftu, Chuck Pierce, LeAnn Squier, Shatece McLeod, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: April 10, 2020

  • Shatece McLeod

(Speaking in the Spirit)

  • Chuck Pierce

Let me start now, some of you are out there when the gift of tongues comes forth, interpretation must be within the house and we begin to interpret, we have so many joining in with us that’s never joined in with us. So we wanna loose what we hear and loose into what God is saying.

  • Tobias Lyons

And the Lord says that I am blowing the true cornerstone, I am blowing away the rubble that has rested on and over the true cornerstone. The lord says, ‘I am taking an axe to the root and to the thorn and to the briers that have constructed a false sense of foundation over the true cornerstone.’ So the Lord says that the covenants that have been made with death, the covenants that have been made with destruction, the Lord says, ‘In this hour the true cornerstone is raising up, it is standing up,’ for the Lord says that I am clothing you, the temple with my glory. So the Lord says, that which is constructed over the true statement, that which is constructed itself and made covenant in the back alleys of hand shakes, the Lord says, ‘an illumination is coming forth from the cornerstone, and I am flooding out the dark places, I am flooding out those areas of darkness, where back handshakes have been made.’ So the Lord says, ‘let the wind blow and let the floods come, because the cornerstone, the true foundation is beginning to shake, and it will destroy the false structures of briers, the false structures of thorns and the false foundation that has been erected over the temple.’

  • Chuck Pierce

For I must rebuild, I must rebuild a highway that I’m calling you to walk on in days ahead. I must rebuild that way that you’re to go and I’ve said to you, the waters will not overtake you for I’ll teach you how to walk on the waters, I say to you, I must rebuild now for if I don’t rebuild now my house for the future will be skewed and it will not stand. So watch the rebuilding occur, and there will be nothing that you can’t walk into.

  • LeAnn Squier

♪ You love me like a hurricane ♪ ♪ You wash me like a tidal wave ♪ ♪ You move me like an earthquake ♪

  • Amman Beeftu

And I hear the Lord saying that even as I’m calling you to step forward, I’m actually calling you to step on bellows, so that you stoke the fire. Every time you step you’re pressing down and its blowing wind with every step

  • Chuck Pierce

‘And I say the fire will not overtake you, so learn to walk in the power of fire,’ sayeth the Lord. For a new baptism of fire will now overtake you and the fire you’re walking through will not burn you.

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