I Am Rebuilding Your New Place of Seated Authority

Voices: Amman Beeftu, Chuck Pierce, Melinda Richardson, Michelle Hadley
Date Given: September 4, 2022

Keevy Phillips – Speaking in Tounges

Chuck Pierce – And I would say to you, I have had to make hash out of many of the things that you have had. But I say now I am causing that hash to rise up in a delectable way. I say you are going to taste Me in a way you’ve never tasted Me, and see Me in a way you have never seen Me. I say, you thought your house would remain dull but I say, watch, you will wake up and it will blossom with light. I say, get ready for things that had a shadow upon them now are going to be uncovered and light is coming in! So I say to you, don’t look at what had to fall and be crushed in last season, for I know how to put together that what you are to have at this time. This will be a time of putting back together all the pieces so that you rise up and say, “God has restored my lot!”

Michelle Hadley – When we were singing the O’s and the Ah’s I begin to see, I saw what God showed me was teepees across America. And I saw a fire that began to swirl up, swirl up, swirl up. And God said, “I am bringing revival to every first nation in this nation, every reservation, every person with native American DNA!”. He says, “I am unlocking a fire in you in this hour!” And you are gonna begin to go forth, and you are gonna begin to speak the word! You’re gonna prophesy the word! You’re gonna speak to the sky! You’re gonna speak to the land, and it will obey you!” He said, “Revival fire is blowing. Revival wind is blowing over every Native American culture!”

Melinda Richardson – For you thought it was trouble, but the Lord said it was training. You thought it was trouble. But He said, it’s training. No soldier entangles himself with the affairs of everyday life! But he proves! He allows the one who sent him to be the workman, being the one being moved and mobilized in this season! So I’m calling you to a militant stance! I’m calling you to gird up and armor up in a way that you’ve never armored up before! That sound is just ringing to Native America, but it’s ringing to the Indigenous people in the islands! It’s calling forth the waters to work on My behalf, to armor up and labor with the angelic host in a realm that you cannot see!

So I’m telling you, come up, come up, come up! Militancy is your portion! And I need you now fully armed! I speak to those who feel like they’re weary in their warfare! The Lord is saying, “It’s by My grace, My amazing grace, that I’m causing you now to hear the sounds on your pillows at night! And then I ask you only just obey! You may not understand, and you may not see your way, but I am a conquering king! And I called you to be more than conquer in every place that I send you, whether it’s of your choosing or another place!” So rise up more than conquerors, this is your hour! For the king of glory has opened up living gateways and you are called to the front line! For, you know, that you’re not alone Know that you are not alone for there those are the backside of the desert, who have been waiting for you to take your place! You thought it was trouble, but it’s only been training.

Amman Beeftu – In that tongue, I heard that the Lord was saying, “You’ve had the perspective of the field, but I’m calling you up to the throne room to get My perspective on this battle. You’ve seen only what you can see horizontally but I’m calling you up vertically so that you can see the strategy to navigate through this battle!”

Chuck Pierce – You know, it was as if He was rebuilding a place for you to sit in your habitat. In that tongue, just like Amman, just like what is being prophesied here, He was taking what had been crushed and beat down and hashed up. And He was rebuilding your next place of being seated. Now look at somebody and say, “You’re gonna be seated with Him in a new way.”

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