I Am Restoring Your Fight

Voices: Barbara Wentroble, Chuck Pierce
Date Given: September 4, 2022

Chuck Pierce – I got up this morning and the Spirit of God spoke to me and He said this, “Tell My people, I am restoring the fight in them again. For the enemy has attempted to damper, to weaken, and to even immobilize them. But this will be a month that I restore their fight again, and they will march like a troop.”

Barbara Wentroble – I keep hearing the Spirit of the Lord say “There is a kingdom sound that is breaking forth through My people in this hour, and know that that kingdom sound will silence the sound of every other kingdom. Know that that kingdom sound will silence the kingdom sound of humanism. Know that that kingdom sound will silence the sound of every false religion. Know that that sound will silence the voice of poverty and of lack. For I say there is a fresh sound of the kingdom coming forth through My people in this hour.

And I say, know that as that sound is released through you, there is a new favor that is coming upon you. You will have favor to walk through doors you could never get through in days past. You will have favor for promotions. I see promotions. I say increase and multiplication is coming to you. I say, even favor to heal relationships in this hour.” The Lord says, “There is a kingdom sound. Let that sound come forth so it can silence the false voices and sounds that have tried to hold you captive. I say step into My kingdom power. Know there is a fresh fire that is burning within you. And I say that fire is going to burn up everything that would try to hold you captive. That that would try to keep you from the best that I have. I say this is a time the kingdom sound is coming forth and it’s coming forth through the fire of the Holy Spirit.

Chuck Pierce – Wow. Now that’s exactly how it came this morning. There was a sound of fighting rising up within His troop. And the Lord says, “When you hear the sound of the fighting, rise up and began to praise Me, for I will inhabit the war that is surrounding you. I say praise causes Me to inhabit and come down. So I say, don’t shrink back from the fight that is stirring. Don’t shrink back from the fight that is stirring. For this is a month that when you see the enemy, I will show you and reveal to you how to surround and come in and overtake him. Do not shrink back from the enemy for I am rising up a sound of fight again within My people.”

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