I Am Retracting 10 Months of Infirmity

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: October 18, 2020

Keith Pierce – The Lord just spoke to me very specifically, a word for a lady. And this is what He said. He says, “10 months ago, as you were sitting in the garden, “infirmity came up and struck you like a snake. “Now, as you have warred for 10 long months, “I am coming to you this very moment with the venom “release and the anti-venom of My presence “that will break an infirmity, “not only for the last 10 months, “but will also remove it from your bloodline. “What has hindered you “and opened the door for sickness to come in, “I am retracting this moment as you praise My name, “as you hit your knees and go holy, holy, holy, “with My angels. “My angels is coming down into your house “and into your garden “to war and minister to you, “your healing is upon you now, in My Holy Name.” Give the Lord a shout of victory. Because healing, she will stand in healing, and walk in the healing nature and the power of His name before sundown this day in Jesus’ name.

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