I Am Reweaving Your Future in the Next 3 Weeks

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: May 3, 2020

– [Lisa Lyons] – The watch, Friday morning we got into an incredible place. Chuck said that this is a supernatural mystical year and that is what manifested in that watch on Friday morning. Chuck said he saw things he had never seen before and started prophesying and the Lord said, “there are heavens you don’t know about and there are ways you’re being manipulated that you have no idea of.” And that sat with me all day long and when Isaac Pitre began to minister on Friday night about who we are as the sons of God and God’s purposes and plans for the earth, I saw all that manifest through what the Lord had said that morning and as Pitre began to talk about some old church doctrines, old suppositions, I saw the Lord reach up into my head and to begin to pull a thread out of me. He said,” I am pulling old things out. Old things that you knew were not true, but you hadn’t replaced them with truth.” The Lord says, “push in this deep week and seek me on truth for thanks perhaps you’ve been afraid to seek me on before there is nothing there are things I wanna tell you and you haven’t wanted to get in My face and find out.” The Lord said,” now is the time to do it. Begin to seek in this spray of secrets.”

[Chuck Pierce] – And I say to you, I’ve been pulling threads out and unraveling things in you so I can reweave the pattern for your future. I must say it again. I hear the Lord saying, “I’ve been pulling things out and unraveling you so I can reweave your future, the vision that I have for you. You will begin to see clearly in the next three weeks, watch as change accelerates around you. Watch as you move carefully into and walk circumspectly into the days ahead. For I will surprise you with My spirit.

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