I Am Sharpening the Discernment in My People

Voices: Barbara Wentroble
Date Given: June 14, 2020

Barbara Wentroble- I kept hearing the spirit of the Lord say that, “This is a time when I am sharpening the discernment “in my people.” The Lord said, “That that’s tried to blind my people, “that that’s tried to deceive my people,” God said that, “This is a time “your eyes are going to be open in a new way.” The Lord so spoke to me that even as it was when the eyes of the servant was open to see what he could not see before, God said, “Your eyes are going to be open “so that you can see what has been unseen in days past.” The Lord wants to encourage you that this is a time that the voice of the enemy will be overpowered by the voice of the Lord, for God said, “I’m going to open your mouth.” God says, “No longer would you shrink back “in fear and intimidation, “but I say you shall know the truth, “the truth shall make you free, and know in this hour,” says the Lord, “that I’m causing your eyes to see. “I’m causing discernment to break open in a new way.” God said, “No longer will my people “override the leading of my spirit “where I have nudged you, where I have alerted you.” God said, “You will not allow false voices, “counterfeit voices, in the earth “to stop the voice of the Holy Spirit, “for I say this is a day “of great freedom and great rejoicing. “I say you’re coming out of your captivity in this hour. “No longer “will the captivity hold you!” So the Lord says, “Open your mouth “and let the voice of the Holy Spirit be heard, “for I say my voice is louder, my voice is more powerful “than the voice of the enemy!”

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