I Am Starting a 5 Week Process of Reordering

Voices: Chuck Pierce
Date Given: February 7, 2021

– Chuck Pierce – And I say to you, this will be a week of new order. Watch as I reorder your steps for I am preparing for you to find your new place of celebration. I say to you, I will reorder and I will reorder and I will reorder and I will reorder and I will reorder until grace is abounding within you and around you. Watch as I turn you, watch as I pull you back, watch as I show you some things that you need to see, watch, watch, watch for this will be a time where I am building you and getting you in a place so that you will celebrate into the future. Now, let me just say it a little differently, the next five weeks there’s this reordering going on with us.

The Lord says, do some things you have wanted to do. The Lord says, pull aside and enjoy me in a way, find a time to enjoy me, find a time to hear me for I am preparing you in a way to propel you into what I have for you. I say to you during this five week period, protect how you hear, protect how you hear and you will know when God is saying something to you. Lord I set a guard over our ears not just our mouth but our ears in Yeshua’s name.

And I say to you, if you’ll watch what you hear and what enters in through your ear gate, I will sharpen what comes out of your mouth, I say, I must have a sharp people who live and operate as swords of fire in days ahead. So listen carefully, before you open your ear gate, and then I will work My word into a sharp powerful instrument for you to speak forth.

Now, let me share with you, I don’t normally do this, how I saw that word about five weeks. All of a sudden a lightning strike came down, it had five tributaries, the first one is a very small tributary coming off of it, proceeding off of it. And so what that says to me, we start taking a step this week, you’re gonna take one step into something He tells you to do. You’re gonna obey Him in a way that you wouldn’t normally obey Him. Something small this week might be bake a pie and give it to somebody or do something, just do something that you hear, and then what happens is the lightning strike got bigger until in five weeks it connected with the ground, and the Lord says, what I heard Him say was I’m gonna start a process this week just what LeAnn is saying to bring My people beyond their fear, just what Keith and Amber were saying, beyond their fear and into their call for the future. Now I want you to get ready. It’s gonna free you of something over the next five weeks as you keep progressing forward and end up in the place God has for you, and then you’re gonna hear clearly some things that He’s saying to you. Father, we say move us beyond the fray.

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