I Am Sweeping My Platforms This Hour

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Isaac Pierce
Date Given: April 11, 2020

Chuck Pierce – Now this is really unusual. Isaac (Pierce) just text me and said, “I’m webcasting while I was letting Bonnie,” that’s their dog, out. “I looked at the screen and there was a little person, literally a person, sweeping across the stage. And it looked like an angel that had a broom and was sweeping. And every time this person swept on the stage, dust began to come up from the foundation and it turned white. This person swept the entire stage clean.” Lord, we say, Your stage is being swept clean.

I mean, this is a God thing, I feel the Spirit of God on this so big. I mean, it’s really strong here. All of you, out there on the web, stand up wherever you are. There is something going on with this. Right now, the Spirit of God is here. Every hair on my body is standing up. The Lord says, “I am sending angels to sweep the platforms of the past and to bring a new purity, a new glory in. I’m creating a whole new atmosphere and I’m cleaning off My platforms this hour.” Now, only God could show that boy that. And I’ve never, ever heard him say anything like that in his whole life. Now, Father, we thank You right now, that You are letting us know You are sweeping. Sweeping Your platforms, sweeping where the pulpits have been in the past. And there’s new revelation coming forth. There’s new sounds coming forth. There’s new movements coming forth. Father, we receive this right now in Jesus name.

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