I Am Unblocking the Anointing to Break a Confederation of Evil

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Isaac Pierce, Keevy Phillips, Keith Pierce, Tiffany Smith
Date Given: July 4, 2021

Isaac Pierce – Speaking in the Spirit

Chuck Pierce – I say there’s been blockages on the anointing that I put within My people. And I say, I am going to unblock every flow that needs to be unblocked. I am starting an unblocking season. And what was blocked will now begin to flow. For it is My anointing that will break the yoke, and not your anointing I say to you, the anointing will break the yoke, of evil that is tightening around you

Keith Pierce – Speaking in the Spirit

Keith Pierce – The lord would say to you look with your eyes and see the day You have cried out for the days of Joel where the young men and the young women will prophecy in My name. I will bring the ones from the back to the front With a message with the message of My spirit. That will not be denied, open your ears, open your eyes. Get ready. Cause My spirit is beginning to fall, where you least expect it and know not of. Deal with your fears. Let go of your shortcomings and receive, receive, receive In My holy name.

Chuck Pierce – For I say a Confederation of eviL has aligned against you, I say a confederation of evil has aligned, but I have a people that will form the lines and the arrays of glory that will create the sound to break that Confederation. I say quit looking at the Confederation and cry out for Me to come down and create confusion. In all three strands. The executive, the judicial I say I will work with them. I will work with them in ways they’re not even aware of. And the legislature, I say you watch Me come down and quit trying to work from underneath. I say it is you I am waiting to worship Me so I can come down and create confusion that all will see happen.

Keevy Phillips – And the Lord says I am dealing with this political spirit that has gotten in My people says the Lord. The Lord is saying, you’re looking at politics and political tactics and not looking at My governance, says the Lord. The lord is saying I am getting rid of this red vs blue. In this nation says, the Lord It is Me that is governing the affairs of men I am a man of war says the Lord, are you going to take the land and fight with Me? Or are you going to hold on to being a Republican? Says the Lord? Are you gonna hold onto being a democrat? Come and fight with Me says the Lord,

Tiffany Smith – And the new path of the Lord is forming on I see the scripture that says nothing is impossible with God And the Lord is saying that there is some of you That are hesitating on the front lines you are hesitating from stepping on the path that God has for you and the Lord says I desire one song, I desire one sound for My people and it is the sound of faith and nothing is impossible with God that is gonna be the sound, that is gonna be resounding in this next season Nothing, is impossible with God.

Chuck Pierce – And I will break the three fold cord that’s confusing you. I will cause that infirmity within you to let go if you will come to that place beyond you. I will cause that religion in you that’s holding you captive that’s keeping you out of variety. And keeping you out of creativity. I will cause that to break in you and I will cause that poverty mindset that says I am not able I say I am able and you are able to represent Me.

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