I Am Weaving Together a New War Unit

Voices: Chad Foxworth, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: November 19, 2023

Chad Foxworth – God is sending all of us out as light this week. Everyone that’s dreading going into the family table this week, God is very serious about restoring the first war unit. He’s very serious about it. So, He wants you to be thankful in advance for His presence. Because you’re gonna be there, I don’t care if anyone is not saved in your family. Just because you’re there, He will be too. So, lift up your hands and we wanna thank Him for His presence. We’re not dreading being with our family this year. We’re changing our perspective. We wanna be thankful for His presence because the harvest is here! The harvest is here! Our family is going to be restored because He’s serious about it this season, in Jesus’ name. Be the light this holiday season.

Robyn Vincent – When Suzanne was playing the violin, I saw the Lord break out this huge needle and He began to just weave His hand and He said, “Masterful is My hand.” He said, “You are about to see mighty. Mighty is the hand of God this season. You are about to understand the works of the hand of God.” And I began to see Him weaving families together. He said, “Things that you have prayed for, things that you have fasted for, things that you have warred for.” He said, “Watch My hand go to work, watch My hand go to work.” I began to see Him even causing dignitaries from nations to come together at the table. And He said, “As My hand goes forth,” He said, “People will be drawn together like they have never been drawn together before. They’ll be willing to work together like they have never worked together before. So watch Me begin to bring things together like you have never seen because My hand is at work.”

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