I Am Wobbling Your Old Order Over the Next 10 Days

Voices: Keith Pierce
Date Given: March 21, 2021

Keith Pierce – And the Lord spoke to me and He said, be watchful the next 10 days because I am coming to wobble your ox cart. And when I wobble it, are you going to try to touch it with familiarity to uprght something that I’m pouring out? Because these next 10 days I will shake it. I will shake it and I will shake it again. And then when you come into a realization that your order is not going into the fullness of the order that I have in store for you, pull aside, pull aside and let me reveal to you the new order that when I reveal it to you in your spirit, and you rise up outside of your might, it will usher in My presence not only in your life, but in your neighborhood, in your church and in your office. And when I usher it in, and judgment rises up for many who would not let go of their order, let them stand in the judgment of bareness, but go on in with Me ’cause truly, I am calling the City to rejoice. And when I called the new order, the City will rejoice in a way that it is not rejoice in the last two years. So watch the next 10 days, watch the next 90 days. And then you will see a breaking that your heart’s truly longed for in my Holy name.

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