I Want Apostolic Centers to Become Miracle Centers

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Elaine Priestly
Date Given: March 14, 2021

Elaine Priestly – And I saw the miracle center. And I saw it like when Queen Sheba visited Solomon she was amazed how everything was set in order. She was amazed at the gold and how the servants and everything was so beautiful. And it was way beyond her mind could comprehend. And the Lord said, “Can you believe that I can do that for that miracle center?” And I said, yes Lord. I said that it would be beyond anything that we could imagine, dare, think or dream. But the Lord said, “It’s not just for the miracle center.” The Lord said, “Can you believe personally that I’m able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all you dare?” I dare you to believe. I dare you to believe greater. ‘Cause God is saying, “I’m doing it and I’m doing it for you.”

Chuck Pierce – Wow, wow Yesterday I told Pam the Lord spoke a sentence to me. He said, “I want apostolic centers this season to become miracle centers.” That means, it’s about us breaking into dimensions. So, I noticed yesterday. I started confessing things I’d never confessed in a long time. And when I say that, speaking what God was saying and I would just speak it. And then I would watch how my words carried and how far they carried and how without power they would carry. And the Lord would say, “Speak it again, I want you to rehearse miracles.”

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