I Will Decode Your Path Ahead

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Susan Shaulis
Date Given: November 15, 2020

Chuck Pierce – Susan Shaullis who works in our administrative offices had a dream. And she came to me two days ago and told me about the dream and I said, share that for First Fruits. So, welcome Susan here to share this dream.

Susan Shaullis – Thank you, Chuck. In the dream, the first phase was, I was sitting in a beautician’s chair, and I was getting ready to get my hair cut and it was longer. And I noticed that it was all white, except for the end seemed to be a fading gray. And the one thing I noticed about myself is that I was extremely large, not fat, not in human standards, but very large. And the beautician said, “we have to cut off this area that it looks like it’s old.” And I knew that the Lord was saying that, that was old wisdom and He was giving us a new haircut.

Well, the next portion, a nurse came in and she said, “it’s now time for me to clean out your ears.” And she cleaned out both of my ears and the stuff that came out of my ears was just very gross.

And then suddenly we’re all upstairs, the staff and Anita who works in restored glory, came up and said, “it’s now time for me to clean the plaque from all of your teeth.” And she had this probe and it was electronic and she stuck it in our mouth and she began to clean our teeth. And she said to us, “we want the word to come forth without any obstruction, and the plaque has been obstructing our mouths.”

And suddenly we were in another phase in the dream and it was a long, long hallway extended, the length was amazing, and all there was, there wasn’t anything on the walls, there was just a red carpet that extended from the left to the right down the entire hallway. Shatece McLeod was on one side of the carpet, I was on the other and Chuck was there. And he proceeded down to the right end of the carpet and I had never seen you Chuck, look the way you look, there was such authority, it was beyond anything that I’ve ever seen. And you began to put your foot on that rug and as you did, that rug had written all over it codes, black codes and numbers and configurerments, and the minute you put your foot on it, they began to move in a different way and you said, it’s breaking and you kept walking down the entire rug and you said, it’s breaking, it’s breaking, it’s breaking until you got to the end. And then suddenly Shatece erupted and said, “it’s breaking.” And all three of us erupted into this praise and this joy that was beyond this earth realm.

Chuck Pierce – So let me prophesy this. I say, I have my people in uncertain times, but I’m bringing them into a redo. I’m bringing them into a reset, and I bring them into a bubble. I say to you, the wisdom from last season was good, but now that must be cut away for a time and a place for a new identity to arise. You are in a season of revelation says the Lord, of unfailing, of uncovering. And I say to you in that, I am pulling old thought processes out of you. Things you’ve heard in the past and that have settled within you must be uprooted and pulled out. I say to you, I am cleaning off words that you have spoken that have lingered on your palette and kept you from speaking and kept you from tasting and seeing that I am good. I’d say to you, this is a time of redoing stuff that I am remaking you fully. And I say, I’m laying out the path ahead, but the path ahead is not easy, but I say, travel and do not stop and keep moving in days ahead. I say, step on that road that I have for you, step on that path that I’m paving for you. And in doing that, you will see and find solutions you do not know. I say to you as Jeremiah 33:3 says, “Call unto Me and I’ll answer you and show you mighty and great things you know not of hidden things that need to be uncovered.” I say, if you will keep and not grow weary and keep traversing that path, and traveling on that path, you’ll decode everything you need to decode. Do not stop for at the end of this path is an explosive new place of faith within you and praise will erupt and I will inhabit your future.

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