I Will Unseat Disbelief

Voices: Keevy Phillips
Date Given: January 8, 2023

Keevy Phillips – The quickest way that Chuck has ever taught me how to get something changed in your life is the power of worship and giving. And if we wanna see our nation change, we wanna see our world change, the quickest way is for us to worship in giving. As we lift these baskets up to you today from the first offering in person this year, Father, we set it apart for you in Jesus’ name. And Father, from this offering, we wave it before you this morning and we say, Father, remember us and change our land, change our hearts, change our minds. As we worship today through giving, Father, we say our land is changing, our situations are changing. As we are giving today, let’s worship the Lord.

And the Lord would say to you, “I am dealing with the spirit of unbelief that has wrapped around your mind this hour. For death has even tried to come after you this week, but is the spirit of unbelief that has given death resident.” But the Lord says, “I am going to touch you today and I am going to deal with the spirit of unbelief. I am sending My ministering angels to you this hour, to touch you this hour.” For the Lord says, “I am looking for faith in My people,” says the spirit of the Lord. And the Lord says, “I will unseat. I will unseat. I will unseat disbelief in My people,” says the Lord.

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