I’m Clearing the Processed Food from Your Soil

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: August 25, 2019

LeAnn Squier – And I’m hearing the Lord say something this morning. He said, we’ve been exposed to a lot of processed food. A lot of processed food in our society. And I mean things that are over-processed. And I’m not just talking about physical food. But it’s like the Lord is saying, “I’m fixin’ to start heating up the soil in a way that is gonna bring forth some new organic things from the midst of the teeming, heated up soil.” And so I’m just telling you today, look in your life. What’s been overly processed? Even where you’ve overly processed the Word and you have not given God a chance to say a new thing with this, the Word of God. You haven’t given him a chance to blow on the Word and have a new fragrance come out of it! Look at where you processed according to the way that you think, and the way that your culture thinks; the way that our society thinks. And the Lord says, “Begin to take a fresh new look at the Word. Begin to take a fresh new look at my things,” says the Lord. And the Lord says, “I’m going to cause the soil in you to begin teem and to begin to move.” And even that would just be buried deep into soil that you didn’t know what was in there? The Lord says, “I’m fixing to cause it to germinate in you and in others as you come together.” The Lord says, “There’s new things in the mix. There’s a new things in the ground. There’s new things in the soil. There’s new seeds to be sprouted. There’s new organic things to come forth that you have not pre-determined nor thought of in advance.” The Lord says, “I’m going to begin to bring that element of surprise to you in a new way again.” The Lord says, “Things are going to come around that you just didn’t foresee, but you’re going to have a heart for Me and you’re going to jump and leap and grab the ring,” says the Lord. So begin to move this week and say, “Lord, I’m done with that overly processed, rehashed things that I’ve been working with and working and overworking. And I’m going to come into a new fresh dimension of the spontaneous and the surprises of God and I’m gonna allow that new germination to occur within me.”

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