I’m Dividing Out My Glory So Vision And Gifts Break Forth

Voices: Anne Tate, Chuck Pierce, Lisa Lyons, Tobias Lyons
Date Given: September 10, 2020

Lisa Lyons – As I was singing into the breaking of the day I see vessels falling from heaven. I see boxes and jars, and they’re coming from heaven and they say, enter the earth, and hit the earth, they break open. The Lord says that this breaking of the day, there is a breaking open of the treasures of heaven. There are songs of breaking that are in those boxes. There are songs of chains breaking off of you that are in those boxes. The Lord says I have sent the breaking at the breaking of the day.

Chuck Pierce – There are strategies for deliverance, there’s keys for vision. See, if you don’t ever write out your vision and make it plain, it just is a wish that you’re holding, and it’s never manifesting. I say right now, vision is breaking forth, gifts are breaking forth. Someone had had a dream and God gave them bracelets to put on. Three bracelets were given to me and they had a matching set on our ankle and on our wrist. And the Lord said, “That threefold cord that’s been set against you because you’ve resisted, I’m breaking open, that threefold anointing in you, that will cause the enemy to let go and cause you to be seen with a new favor, you’ll walk in new favor. Your hands will prosper in new favor. I decree right now a breakthrough of new favor to overcome the threefold cord set against you.”

Anne Tate – There’s a new breaking of the day in all of us in this season. There is a new thing coming forth on the people groups of the earth, and the Lord says He’s going to unlock and divide a sunder. The Mithras roots that has captured, that he’s captured his children, his people, his plan, and their destinies, and he said as he divides this roof, he is gonna raise his sword to do it, to cut off the shackles, and they’re gonna begin to move forward. They came in in one place and they’re going out seven ways. The Lord says Mithras is going to be dethroned by me, by my glittering sword.

Tobias Lyons – And the Lord says, let me break you down so you can break forth, and then I can build you up. The Lord says that you carry an intrinsic value to multiply. So don’t look at the breaking as a crumbling or as a deterioration. The Lord says look at the break down so that I can build up to multiply. The Lord says agree with the intrinsic value to multiply and you will be built up.

Chuck Pierce – Let me go back to what Lisa was saying also, and what Tobias just prophesied and Anne. The Lord says, don’t be afraid for me to drop your pot, because I need to break open that vessel that you presently are, so I can pull out of you things that are within you. So I can recreate the identity for you to accomplish those things as you move forward. These are key times, key ways, and as Anne was saying that the church has always developed from a pagan route and a glory route. And the Lord says I’m dividing out my glory this season. I am dividing out religious paganism, as we heard about Sunday, out of my people, so the glory in them shine. Lord, I loose right now on new shine on us. Now, right now wherever you are decree that the sword of God is piercing even into the thoughts and intents of your heart and causing you to rise up and shine through from the last season into the next season.

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