I’m Dropping Buckets of New Wine and Provision On You

Voices: Brian Kooiman, Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: September 15, 2019

  • Chuck Pierce

And I say to you, “I have just dropped a bucket down deep within you. If you will allow that bucket to fill in a new way, what I draw up will be filled with a treasure you have never seen that is inside of you. I say, you are a treasure and I now am gonna draw bucketfuls of treasures.” Father, we say right now, drop it deep within us and draw it out. And I say, “you’re thinking water and I’m drawing out new wine. For I am calling for a new communion with my people, a communion face to face,” saith the Lord. So I say, “you won’t be having water drawn from you. You’ll be having wine and then, not only will I commune with you, but you will break bread with many in days ahead.”

  • Lisa Lyons

And the Lord says, “I’m not just dropping buckets,” but He says, “there are some lots being cast. And don’t fear the lots, for they’re in My hand.” And when those lots go out, He said “the name of Matthias is gonna come up. For this is the day of Matthias.” So the Lord says, “watch, because there are those who have been on the outskirts who are coming in and the lot has your name on it when it’s rolled.”

  • Chuck Pierce

Now, Matthias was the one chosen after Judas, the son of perdition, entered Judas. So in other words, God is saying, “some of you have been waiting just to be called up. And now, I’m drawing forth, drawing forth, drawing forth that destiny that is within you.” Now listen, my sister just came up. She’s always serving here and she said, this morning, she got up and she said, I just need to sit. I don’t need to serve today. I don’t need to press through. I need to just rest in the Lord. And then she said, she was gonna call and tell Penny Kay that. And then she said, all of a sudden, she said, Lord, if you want me to keep, if you want me to just keep pressing forward, you’re gonna have to call my name this morning. Her last name is Matthias. Now listen, that’s a sign for all of us. The Lord’s saying, “wait a minute. I know when you need to rest. I know when you need to press, but I’m drawing you forward. I want you to know I’m drawing you forward.”

  • Brian Kooiman

(Speaking in the Spirit)

  • Chuck Pierce

And I say “I’m drawing because there’s another shore for you to go to” And I say, “if you will keep pressing, you’ll see the land to put your feet upon.” For I say, “I’m completing the season of your voyage and I’m now saying, no, land is ahead. Land, your land is ahead.” So I say, “I am drawing, I am drawing, I am drawing and I will open your eyes to the footing on your new land.”

  • Linda Heidler

And the Lord says, “there are some of you, and you’ve known that there’s treasure inside.” And you’ve even said to the Lord, why did you put this here if I’m never gonna get to use it? Why did you put this in here if nobody sees it? And the Lord says, “there’s been a refining work that I’ve needed to do. There’s been an aging process that I needed to do before this was ready to be brought out, and yes, it is treasure. And yes, it will be brought out, but I will not bring it out prematurely so that you fall short of the ultimate destiny that I have for you.” So for those who have submitted themselves to the pressing and to the waiting, it will be as though you are bringing the treasures out of those dark places. And I will open double doors for you. And you will not be pressing the door to get it open to say, look at my treasure. The Lord will be drawing it out and it will be mature, perfect, complete and exactly what he had in mind. And you will say, God, your wisdom was greater than mine in bringing my gift out.

  • Chuck Pierce

And remember what Yeshua said. He said, “the kingdom is like a field with a treasure within it, and it’s worth you searching for and worth you finding.” And I say to you, “you have been worth Me searching for” and now, I say, “I had to prepare the field to deposit the treasure. So now that I am drawing you, you will not only find the treasure in your new field, you will be the treasure in your new field.”

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