I’m Giving You the Strength of a Buffalo

Voices: Anne Tate, Chad Foxworth, Chuck Pierce, Jane Arenas, Lisa Lyons
Date Given: May 13, 2020

Jane Arenas – I saw vision right before this started. And there was a picture of a nice scenery, very pretty, green and everything. And right through it in the middle was the face of a buffalo tearing it right through. The Lord is saying, I’m causing my people to rise up with the strength of a buffalo to tear down what the enemy is trying to put out as the reality, as this is okay, this is all right. Leave it that way. The Lord is saying no, I’m giving you the strength of a buffalo to come forth and tear down the structures of the enemy.

Lisa Lyons – When Jane said about the buffalo I heard one thing, I heard the Lord say, “there is a confrontation coming between the Buffalo of my people and the bull of Wall Street. Do not be afraid to lock horns with the bull.” So Lord, right now we just want to grab this world Lord. And Father we say that the glory that You have is like a first born bull. And Father we say right now there is a strength and there is a pushing even to the ends of the earth. And Lord, Father God, we say that wealth is in Your house, and it’s in your hand. And Father, we just speak to the economies of the nations Lord. And Father, we just say, submit yourself and bow to the Lord, in a whole new way, and a whole new dimension. And we say, Wall Street bow to the Lord, in a whole new way, Federal Reserve bow to the Lord in a whole new way. Economies of the earth, bow to the Lord in a whole new way.

Chuck Pierce – Wow. And the buffalo was the mainstay. It’s America’s animal. It was given to us to develop this land, and as the provision for this land. How the first people were removed, was to remove the buffalo. Therefore you removed the provision of the first people, and you removed the strength of a nation, so that it could be dominated in a new way.

Chad Foxworth – We say to the native people that this is your time. It’s your time to rise up in a new way. What has been taken is about to be given back to you 100 fold in Jesus name. We say to the native people, rise up! Rise up! It is your time of the buffalo, rise up!

Anne Tate – I just got a text from Nigel Bigpond And he said that the Buffalo means prosperity or a good harvest. It is very sacred. So His harvest is coming forth, and it’s sacred in this land. And He’s promising us prosperity from the reversal of all the things that we’ve been working with.

Chad Foxworth – The Lord, He is, He’s trying to get us out of something. There’s a structure that He’s trying to get us out of. You know what it is. It’s a debt structure. He’s trying to break us out of this thing. It’s time for us to get out of debt. It’s time for a jubilee. It’s time for debt to be forgiven. It’s time for you to be at the right place at the right time, to uncover a treasure. To get out of debt. We decree over you in Jesus name, that you’ll release from this debt structure right now in Jesus’ name. That’s what Lisa was talking about, with the bull and the buffalo, struggling with each other, was struggling with the debt structure, that’s trying to keep us in captivity. We need to be free from this in Jesus name. We decree it right now in Jesus name that we’re free from debt. We’re free from debt.

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