I’m Removing the Spirit of Hesitation

Voices: LeAnn Squier
Date Given: May 15, 2021

LeAnn Squier – I just heard the Lord say, “I’m removing the spirit of hesitation. “I’m removing the spirit of hesitation.” And there’s gonna come a moment where you used to hang, and you used to halt, and instead you’re going to press the go button. You’re gonna lean into it. You’re gonna step into it. You’re gonna send it. You’re gonna move. No more hesitation. He’s lifting off the fear of making a mistake, the fear of stepping into something. But you’re gonna be so connected with the voice of heaven that you are going to just know by the spirit it’s time to step. And you will step, and it will be so second nature to you. You won’t think it in your prefrontal cortex. You’ll just move with him.

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