I’m Restoring Your Vessel to Emote My Glory

Voices: Janelle Cosey, LeAnn Squier
Date Given: April 28, 2019

LeAnn Squier – ♪ So we call in divine order and we submit. ♪

Janelle Cosey – And the Lord says that, “I am going to navigate your course. That as you partner with Me, as we become indivisible, as we become one, as you align with Me, I’m going to navigate your course. And I’m going to take you up as you scale the wall this week. I’m going to take you to a different place, to a higher height. You’re going to have a different perspective. You’re going to see differently. You’re going to declare differently. You’re going to align differently. You’re going to believe differently. You’re going to love differently. You’re going to pursue differently. I’m going to restore this, this, this vessel. I’m going to restore this, this body that your in. I’m going to restore it and it’s going to look brand new. It’s the same vessel, it’s the same instrument, but I’m going to restore it in such a way that you’re going to emote My glory. That when people see you, they’re going to see My glory. They’re not going to see you, but they’re going to see Me. As you decrease I’m going to increase. I’m going to increase, I’m going to increase in My vessel, through My vessel. Submit your ways to Me, submit your ways to Me.”

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