Increase Your Boundaries and Turn the Battle at the Gates

Voices: Chuck Pierce, Linda Heidler, Robyn Vincent
Date Given: January 2, 2024

Robyn Vincent – The Lord spoke to me this morning and he began to say, “Robin, remember it was when Saul got around a band of musicians, prophetic musicians, that he was changed.” And he said, “This is a time that I am going to begin to use sound like I have never used it before.” He said, “The sound of the Lord will go forth and deal with the high places.” He said, “It was the high places that the musicians were raised up for.” And he said, “Prophetic musicians be sent forth like arrows in the hands of God.” He said, “Because I’m going to use you in this hour, and you shall prophesy, you shall bring forth the word of the Lord. You shall deal mightily with root systems.” He said, “I’m bringing reformation through that sound. I am bringing reformation,” the Lord says. He said, “The systems of this world will begin to bow to a new sound.”

Linda Heidler – As we’ve been in this time, I just said, “Lord, what are you doing?” He said, “I am pouring out my spirit without measure.” And he said, “When I pour my spirit out without measure, my people must respond without restraint.” And he said, “These are the ones that will be able to turn the battle at the gates this year.” So he said, “When I begin to pour my spirit out, respond without restraint and turn the battle at the gate.”

Chuck Pierce – The Lord spoke it to me like this. What you are hearing prophesied through Robin and Linda, it was during our time after De Monte had finished speaking. I went back and the Lord said, “Walk the length and the breath of the place.” And so I just got up and I walked all around here and the Lord said, “Now ask what’s going on in Heaven to penetrate and get down there with you.” And I said, “Lord, all we want to do, the only reason we’re gathered here is we wanna reflect what you’re saying and doing in Heaven. So just do it, some way through us.” And the Lord said, “If you keep worshiping me, eventually I’ll show you what is really going on in Heaven for the year ahead.” And there’s two things I see. He’s saying, “Increase your boundaries.” That’s for every one of us. And then he’s saying, “Let me fill those boundaries with the source that I have for you in the coming year.”

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