Judah Will Decree With New Authority

Voices: Anne Tate, Judy Block
Date Given: March 24, 2024

Judy Block – This morning, the Holy Spirit gave me a word for Judah that because of your willingness, and your obedience to intercede and release my exhortation and sound for each state, I am covering you with a new blanket of protection. It is a new blanket of my presence. I will guide you and love you through this journey. I am also releasing to you a new waterway, a new river, a new strength, and a new heart for my purpose in this land. So let the wind blow, let the fire fall, and let the new frequency I have given you be released in the new sound of who you are in me.

Anne Tate – There is a new level of prophetic decrees coming forth out of this house. And outta Judah, and they are gonna break curses that have gone on for centuries.

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